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Advantages of Career Planning (1125) Views

Aug 5th
by Management Duniya

Advantages of Career Planning:-

     A properly designed system of career planning can provide the following benefits:

  1. Career planning helps an employee to know the career opportunities available in an organization.
  2. Career planning encourages him to avail of the training and development facilities in the organization so as to improve his ability to handle new and higher assignments.
  3. Career planning involves a survey of employee abilities and attitudes. It becomes possible, therefore to group together people talking on a similar wavelength and place them under supervisors who are responsive to that wavelength.
  4. Career planning anticipates the future vacancies that may arise due to retirement, resignation, death, etc. at managerial level. Therefore, it provides a fairly reliable guide for manpower forecasting.
  5. Career planning facilitates expansion and growth of the enterprise. The employees required to fill job vacancies in future can be identified and developed in time.

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